5 Interesting Facts about Cannabis

There’s much more to know about cannabis than the correct way to smoke it. Likely, the globe will never unlock all the secrets hidden within this plant. Over the decades, however, cannabis enthusiasts, historians, and scientists have compiled an ever-growing array of cannabis facts.

Some of these secrets are fascinating; others are fun, while others try to debunk long-held myths about the product. Here are some interesting facts about marijuana.



Cannabis possesses more than 100 slang names


The marijuana plant has over 100 slang names used in various regions worldwide. Due to the plant’s criminalization, many cannabis lovers had to develop different street names for the herb. Some of the slang terms like ‘weed,’ ‘marijuana,’ and ‘pot’ date way back to the 1930s and are believed to have emerged from American premises. You will only ask for a ‘gasper stick.’ In Latin cultures, you can get cannabis by asking for ‘Caracas.’


The plant itself is not only the thing generating the street names. The act of smoking weed brings with it phrases like ‘going loco,’ ‘smoking trees,’ and ‘mowing the grass.’


Cannabis has been in existence for thousands of years


Many people tend to think that marijuana usage began in the 1900s. However, it started far before that. Ancient Chinese used its seeds as food. They also used the plant to make oil and rope. As the Chinese people traded it with other cultures, cannabis spread to other parts of the world, including the Middle East, Africa, Europe, and eventually America.

Throughout many parts of the globe, marijuana was used to make paper, provide food, and for medical purposes. British doctors studied its medical applications in the 1800s, which scientists have confirmed today.


E-commerce started with cannabis


You might think that the first e-commerce transaction is related to fashion or some first-moving foods. But interestingly, the very first item to be purchased over the internet is a weed, done by Stanford students in 1971. The students bought the product from MIT students selling it online. Today, the sale of cannabis through the internet has increased substantively. In Canada, for instance, you only have to place an order on your gadget to buy weed online.


Cannabis can alleviate cancer symptoms


Not all the facts about cannabis are fun, but they are attractive. For instance, marijuana has shown positive results to kill and alleviate cancer symptoms. The plant contains chemicals like cannabidiol and endocannabinoids, which stimulate the brain and reduce cancer treatments. Symptoms like vomiting and nausea subside with the regular use of marijuana.


Icelanders are the most consumers of weed


You might be tempted to think Netherlands or Jamaica has the highest populations of weed users. However, recent statistics show that Iceland has the most weed users, with over 18.5% of the country’s population using the product. What’s more interesting is that smoking weed in Iceland remains illegal.

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