Olympic marijuana prohibition to be reexamined after Sha'Carri Richardson's disqualification

people woman dark graffitiThe World Anti-Doping Agency announced on Tuesday that it could review the position of cannabis in its registry of prohibited substances, according to a press release from the agency. While cannabis will remain banned in 2022, any changes that emerge from the agency's assessment will have no impact until next year. This comes after the agency acquired "requests from quite a few interested parties," the statement said. This transfer follows the disqualification of Sha'Carri Richardson, an American sprinter who became a sensation in a single day after the girls' profitable 100-meter race in June USA., Richardson acquired an optimistic drug test that detected a chemical present in marijuana in his system. Although Richardson acquired a month-long suspension that may have ended before the Tokyo Olympics, his constructive anti-doping test nullified his qualifying performance in the tests and shortened his Olympic goals, The Wall Road Journal reported. Richardson's disqualification sparked a broader conversation about the efficiency-enhancing potential of cannabis. The drug is legal in several United States.

Cannabis light: il CSS dice no alla vendita perché \ The company reported a net loss of C $ 164.7 million (US $ 136.1 million) late Thursday, or Cdn eighty-five cents per share for its fiscal third quarter. That's broader than the lack of Canadian 25 cents a share that Wall Street had anticipated. Sales of C $ 55.2 million were adequately obtained with estimates of C $ 68.7 million. Even with adjusted earnings before the basis of curiosity, taxes, depreciation and amortization, or Ebitda, the company lost Cdn $ 24 million. Aurora had been aiming for upbeat adjusted Ebitda for years, a mark it repeatedly missed. Every night from Monday to Friday we highlight the important market news of the day. Clarify what is most likely to matter tomorrow. "We do not see a path of price reduction or growth leading to near-term constructive Ebitda, despite comments from Firm to the contrary," MKM Companions Invoice analyst Kirk wrote in an advisory on Friday. Kirk maintained a sales ranking. Lower your target value to C $ 6 from C $ 9.

Aurora also mentioned that she intends to apply for a new $ 300 million in-market inventory sale program. "With limited success in Canada, Aurora has no right to win over its residential market outdoors," Kirk wrote. LP (regardless of achievable regulatory adjustments) to be a leader in the US C $ 8 from C $ 9. She notes that the company's strategy to shift more toward premium offerings is taking longer than expected. She argued that such fights weren't shocking, given HiFyre's knowledge showing that Aurora's merchandise was losing market share. Cantor Fitzgerald analyst Pablo Zuanic lowered his value target to Cdn $ 9 from Cdn $ 11.25, but maintained a Neutral rating in an advisory on Friday morning. The company's cash burn, ongoing detrimental and tight Ebitda and market share erosion justify the stock's current stumbles, he writes. With that said, the analyst says that Aurora remains the leader in domestic medical cannabis and one of the largest Canadian cannabis exporters.

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